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Hi Dr Bermant,
I really hope you can offer me some advice, I found your details online.
I gave birth to a big, beautiful baby boy on the 9th December last year. 5 weeks down the line, I noticed a subtle, localised indentation/depression on the side of my nose (to help give an understanding of location, when I look at nose anatomy, it is in the vicinity of the Greater alar C).
It was very traumatic as I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I eventually landed up with an ENT, who examined me and said it was nothing ominous but maybe an old injury now exposed (don’t remember a blow to the nose?) after pregnancy and also could be the result of a deviated septum. He advised me to wait for everything to normalise and for the cartilage to strengthen again (my nose and ears feel softer since being pregnant).
My nose does look slightly different (maybe even a little skew) since before I fell pregnant and it does bother me (my nose definitely swelled during pregnancy, especially in the last two weeks since I carried for almost 42 weeks) I am planning to give it 6 months (as recommended) before I revisit the ENT again.
But what I would really like to know is, firstly – have you heard of something like this happening to women before? No one I speak to has ever heard of such a thing – that your nose could change and an indentation could appear because of pregnancy.
Secondly, would you say problems like these are fixable without it being a problem again in the second pregnancy?
Thanks for your time!

Sorry, I am no longer offering Rhinoplasty Surgery, my practice has further evolved.

Hormones during pregnancy can soften cartilage and bones for delivery and permit passage of the baby. This is not a localized phenomenon, but global. Nasal weakness theoretically can then become possible. Although I can understand a mechanism for it, I cannot say that I have yet had a patient tell me that her nose changed shape with pregnancy. Look up nasal deformity with pregnancy and you will get issues about the fetus or newborn, but not one I have ever read about the mother.

Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery are such that, when I did offer this surgery, my recommendation was for the recently pregnant woman to wait until her body stabilized, recovered, and was no longer breast feeding before considering surgery.

If you want to demonstrate the deformity here in this forum (after the 5 post minimum to enable posting photos), Standard View For Rhinoplasty Pictures can let others better understand your concerns. This becomes more powerful if you had a picture before the pregnancy. In that case a non standard image duplicating lighting and angles would help.

I cannot advise you if this is something that might recur with or without future pregnancy.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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