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Hi my name is -. I have had 5 pregnancies and have alot of excess fat/skin whatever you call it. I had c-sections 2 times and rest were miss carriages. Do you do a free consultation if we come to office? I live about 2 hrs into nc and i am wanting my body back. I have been like this now for 6 yrs. All my kids are teenagers. I want to get my body back. Please can you help me. I saw a lady who looks like me and you did a great job on her. please let know. thanks
desperate wife

Thank you for your kind words about my sculpture. Sorry, none of my consultations are free. We take a great deal of time with our patient education starting with what we have on the internet.

With my announced retirement 8/31/11, although we still have time available for other types of surgery, all of our Tummy Tuck operating room time is already filled.

Instead I have constructed a number of resources for those interested in learning about issues like How to Pick a Tummy Tuck Surgeon. To understand a doctor's surgical skills you will also need to How to Evaluate Tummy Tuck Pictures.

You are welcome to join our group, discuss your concerns, and learn about options.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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