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In reference to pointed ear otoplasty.

Do you have any pictures of what I can expect the scarring to look like a couple of months/weeks after the procedure?

Constricted Ear Otoplasty is an example of one of the much less common ear sculptures.

Healing After Otoplasty and the recovery of tissues depends on the problem, what was done, skill of the surgeon, after surgery care, and many other factors. Each ear sculpture is unique. This is a surgeon dependent operation. And you do need to see what any one surgeon's methods are like for shape, contour, artistry, and recovery.

For some patients I have longer term pictures, just have never found the time to add them to their web pages. For some deformities, I have other patients with longer term pictures. Even with one of the largest resources online about ear surgery, finding specific long term healing for every variation is not realistic. We see patients from around the world. Although mandating they come back for picture documentation so others can learn, is not realistic. Asking for long term pictures is also not practical since ear picture taking is a skill difficult to manage and variations of camera, lighting, angles, are all factors in Evaluating Otoplasty Pictures. Then you need to have a surgeon who has the time, resources, and passion to take those unusual otoplasty operations and put them on the internet.

My many patients that we have done over the years instead took a more practical approach. They used the aggregate healing of my extensive Otoplasty Picture Gallery and other resources on my web site to extrapolate and become comfortable with my skill and their decision for surgery.

Waiting for everything to be perfect, and there will be nothing. And in your case, sorry, with my retirement planned for 8/31/11, we are no longer booking any further otoplasty sculpture patients. Instead I have constructed this forum and its resources.

Check out our new Otoplasty Forum Introduction that integrate with our site.

You are welcome to join us, discuss your concerns, share your observations, and build a better place for those with issues about their ears. Perhaps others will share longer term images.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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