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I just had a revision skin tightening for my chest after gynecomastia surgery. I need to know did my surgeon do anything wrong as the wrinkles just look terrible. Actually the folds in my skin look worse than my original loose skin.

Comfort after surgery is much more than just how many pain pills a patient takes. Working on emotional comfort is a key criteria of refined surgical sculpting. Did your surgeon show you before and after pictures?  Were you shown how tissues evolve after surgery? Having some idea what to expect as tissues evolve after surgery can go a long way to not having patients end up posting on forums in a panic asking about swelling, bruising, folds and creases.

Excess Skin of the Male Chest with Gynecomastia involves significant compromises. The Donut Mastopexy involves removing a band of skin around the areola and sewing a large circle down to a smaller one. The problem is that the male areola needs to be smaller than the female to look natural. This can cause a star burst deformity complication.

Options will depend on what the original problem was, what was done, and many other factors. Just what happens will depend on how much skin was removed, types of suture used, tension on the skin, and many other factors that should have been discussed as part of any risks, benefits, and alternate methods of care. Have you considered posting before surgery pictures, and after surgery a more complete set such as my Standard After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures?

I prefer not to leave the operating room with that much initial wrinkling and swelling after surgery. You can see some minimal wrinkling and swelling on the Recovery After Skin Reduction Chest Lift FTM.

The major concern will be the type of sutures used. The forces pulling on the areola over time can pull that tissue to a monstrous disfigured shape if not balanced by a permanent structure like a surface buried suture. Unfortunately I have seen quite a few patients asking for help for what I have coined the Large Areola Complication After Bad Donut Mastopexy. That is why leaving some loose skin is often a better idea than adding wrinkling that remains behind. If your doctor's technique is such that the wrinkling goes away, then why not have such resources available to the patient before surgery to minimize emotional stress?

Hope this helps,

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