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Thanks to your online article regarding breast Ptosis, I now better understand that as an aging female whos ome time ago had Augmentation Mammopasty that has recently caused Stage 3 breast sagging  (Ptosis).  I am hopeful my Medi-Care or Medi-Cal will fund most of if not all of the cost of having my leaking implants replaced with something that is more natural.  My breast size has recently increased from a 38 D to a 38 G cup over a short period of time, probably as a result of implant leakage and/or detachment.  This is causing my breasats to hang down around my stomach which uncomfortable, unsightly, and possibly unhealthy.

The purpose of my email is to see what you would charge for a virtual consultation to diagnose this problem using either my computer web camera, or my cell phone camera?  This could prove useful in helping to arrange medical approval for revision surgery?

Thanks for your assistance and the courtesy of your response.


You are welcome, my web resources about breast lift have been a work of passion for many years.

Sorry, I stopped working with breast implants many years ago. In addition, I am retiring from practice 8/31/11 and there are no remaining operative slots available for female breast lift surgery.

In my opinion, the evaluation of a leaking breast implant needs to be done in person. A web based consult is not effective enough to offer proper advice. There is just too much information about the hands on exam for that problem to be managed in any place other than an experienced Plastic Surgeon's office.

Sagging breasts can cause a great deal of emotional distress. Why not consider posting some of my Standard Pictures for Breast Lift to demonstrate the problem. Breast Lift Videos are even more critical in showing how tissues move. These more critical forms of evaluation are a great way to demonstrate the fine aspects of the problem and surgical solutions.

Leaking breast implants can be a problem and should be looked into soon. Breast enlargement and leakage could be a concern but that you would need to check from someone offering such options.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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