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Hello Dr. Bermant
My name is - and I am considering gynecomastia surgery. I have a date booked 12 days from now. I worry greatly about being left with excess skin. I don't have a minor case like many on the site. I am 21. 6'0 tall. 170 pounds originally 220. In my case my breasts do sag over the top of my chest. I would say its severe but not the worst out there.

I am deathly afraid of hospitals and needles. I was told in my consultation today that excess skin was a possiblity but my surgeons outlook was optimistic though he didn't make any promises. I am afraid of being forced into this skin surgery in addition because I'm already starting off with a worse condition.

How common is it to have excess skin that is unfixable myself. I understand all our bodies are different but I am trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like no matter how hard I look through this site though those that have a condition similar to mine are cursed with the excess skin.

Do I even have a ghost of a chance of coming out correctly during the first surgery or are my prospects grim? Meaning should I just book a second revision and skin surgery before even the first surgery?

Please shed some light on this. I have seen you are very knowledgeable about those that must cope with the excess skin. I hope you can at least give me some hope that I'll be fine. At the end of the day I want the cold hard truth though so please be honest and frank. Thanks a lot.

Skin reduction is a good compromise for the patient with a great deal of sagging skin.  For a patient with normal skin elasticity, skin reduction is not normally needed during breast reduction surgery.  Elastic skin can really shrink quite well on its own and skin reduction scars then are normally not needed.

How well skin shrinks after removing mass behind it can vary greatly as shown by the two balloon examples on that link.  For my techniques, most of the change occurs in the operating room.  There can be some further shrinkage over time after surgery.  Building muscle mass can be one way of filling up a loose skin envelope.  However, it is very difficult to maintain such large muscles throughout their lives.

However if after weight loss or surgery the nipples are low and tissue hangs and bounces around, skin reduction can really improve the contour of the chest.  Too many patients have commented to me how their lives were changed and that the scars were a good trade off.

Excess Skin of the Male Chest with Gynecomastia comes in various degrees.  Here are my Standard Pictures for Evaluating Extra Skin on the Male Chest.

For some patients, my small incision skin reduction chest lift is an option.  This eliminates the unnatural very obvious unnatural vertical scar.  For smaller problems, I have evolved my Internal Lift Male Mastopexy Surgery that has even smaller scars.  My internal lift is not suitable when the excess skin is a major contributing factor for the deformity.  A Male Donut Mastopexy when pushed too far will leave a star burst deformity that detracts from the result. That is why picking your surgeon carefully can be so important.

Yes, scars are a compromise.  Surgeons need some place to remove the excess skin.  The shorter the scars, the less skin that can be removed. 

Options are best explored during an evaluation with an experienced surgeon who can demonstrate their skills with this compromise issue of loose skin of the male chest sculpture.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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