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Hi, I am looking at your website because I have a huge hanging pannulis like the one shown on the obese woman here.  I have many co-morbidities, however...have not even been able to obtain any type of weight loss surgery because I would have to lose 200 pounds first, my BMI is so high...5ft tall...450 pounds..could be 460...diabetes mellitus, controlled HBP, severe sleep apnea, depression...

Two days ago, I started leaking clear fluid from my very lower abdomen...and I'm terrified.  That's why I started this internet search and found you.  I need some advice in a hurry please if you can...I know no-one here will touch me for surgery.  My age is 61 also, so not a great candidate, I know.
Look forward to hearing from you, -

Ont. Canada

The leaking can be from a wound or many other causes and needs to be evaluated by a knowledgeable doctor immediately. Your BMI Calculation is well off the charts and your health is at extreme risk.

Such problems can be life threatening and not something I manage and possibly in the range of a major medical center's team.

Pannus Reduction Surgery is not an alternative to weight loss nor weight reduction surgery. Major Pannus Reduction can be a high risk operation in general. The age, diabetes, and leaking increase the risks unacceptably for most.

Sorry, I do not know know of any resources for where to start in your situation. But for the leaking fluid, an emergency room may be the right place to start to check how serious the situation is.

Hope this helps,

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