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Dear Dr. Bermant,

Congratulations on you retirement.  Though I was eagar to have my surgery with you it seems that I am too late.  However I was wondering if you could refer any other qualified surgos in the Virginna, Marylad or DC area.  It would be a great help as I have foucused my attention on you.  Your Tumescent breast lift technique is innovative and produces great results.  If you can recomend Doctors that can do this procedure I would be very gratefull.


Thank you for your kind comments about my Tumescent Breast Lift for Women. To date I do not know of any other surgeons offering this challenging method. I really love my patients' comfort, minimal bruising, and sculpture. However, the tumescence makes this a challenging operation with the fluid distorting the breast size and there are specific methods I had to evolve to adapt to this situation.

I have yet to build the resources for Breast Lift Patients for evaluating before and after surgery pictures and surgeons. There are sections here already for Here is the how to pick a gynecomastia surgeon that you could adapt for the female sagging breast sculpture.

How to evaluate Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Photographs that you can adapt using the Standard Breast Lift Pictures and Movies to Evaluate the Sagging Female Breast and Surgical Results.

Perhaps you will be able to adapt such resources to your own quest for a surgeon producing similar results.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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