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Good Morning,

I reviewed the prices screen but did not see anything for this procedure. Is it considered to gynecomastia ( male breast reduction procedure), which is 2800 dollars. I would like to know the cost or an estimate of a peri areolar or keyhole  to ensure it is with in my out of pocket price range before I schedule a consult.

Thank you,

Sorry with my retirement at the end of the month, there are no further operation time available for that surgery.

In general, Cost Of Male Chest Contouring depends on the problem to be treated and can vary from surgeon to surgeon and around the world. The actual problem to be converted can also widely differ which factors into the complexity of the surgery. Some ask to convert a breast with an A cup breast which usually does not require a skin reduction. More complex surgery such as the Skin Reduction Chest Lift or Keyhole tend to be more complex and more expensive.

Female To Male Revision Chest Surgery can be even more complex and expensive. This is why choosing your surgeon carefully the first time can be critical. Take some time to browse our resources on How to Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon to better understand these factors.

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