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To Dr Bermant,
I saw on your web site that you will retire at the end of this month.
Your surgical expertise will be greatly missed by patients who seek outstanding plastic and cosmetic
I would very much appreciate you recommending for me, plastic and cometic surgeons in the United States and
around the world who specialize in the area of revision otoplasty like you do.
I have telephone ear deformities on both my ears as a result of an otoplasty surgery I had done 7 years ago to correct
my protruding ears.
Your recommendation would be very very much appreciated. Thank you!
I would like to wish you a happy retirement!

Telephone Ear Deformity is an imbalance of the top, middle, bottom of the ear. Not all surgeons have the same skills, experience, or use the same techniques. When otoplasty results in this imbalance, the question becomes was it due to the anatomy, surgeon technique, or fickle nature of cartilage healing that was the cause.

Revision Otoplasty Surgery is an art form. Options depend on many factors. The problem is finding a surgeon who has experience and is willing to show such cases. I have built resources here on How to Evaluate Otoplasty Pictures to better understand a surgeon's skills. There is also How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon.

Not all deformities have surgical options. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the ear other than the mind playing tricks that the body image is still broken.

Why not consider joining our forum to post your images and details so that others can better understand your concerns? This board was build to let those with issues express themselves and surgeons with a passion for certain sculpture help and demonstrate their expertise with that deformity.

Thank you for your comments about my retirement.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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