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Hello Dr. bermant
I am sure you get private messages all the time so I apologize ahead if I am a nuisance. I have a quick question.

I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time after high school (went from around 180 to 235) I lost it all and actually got down to 150 at one pt. I have since done a lot of heavy lifting and weigh 175. I have been plagued with a small pouch since the weight loss even when I was at 150 lbs. I would be happy to send you a few pictures. I am curious.. is it I just need to reduce my BF more.. or do I really need a panniculectomy?

Thanks for your help

The extra fat on the body was not healthy. The problem with that fat is that it stretches both the skin and support structures of the stomach. With weight loss stretched tissue only shrinks so far. How much depends on many factors. Once it stops shrinking for more than a month, it rarely will go down more. Once in a normal range, continuing to lower BMI rarely will get damaged skin to shrink further.

Living with the excess is one option, A Panniculectomy is sculpture of the belly to remove hanging skin or pannus. This surgery can be divided into several different forms. the next may be a Mini Tuck, for larger problems then there is the Tummy Tuck, and for issues extending around the body the Lower Body Lift.

Learning about the risks, benefits, and alternate options is best explored with a skillful sculptor, a Plastic Surgeon gifted at abdominal sculpture. As I retire this month, that will not be me. I have taken the time to build resources here such as How to Pick Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon. This forum is designed with a collection of tools to make such learning easier. You are welcome to join, post pictures and learn. With retirement, I will no longer be offering medical advice. But I designed this place as a meeting ground for those with such concerns and surgeons with a passion for the problem. If posting photos, check out our How to Evaluate Pictures of the Stomach.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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