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Hi Dr. Bermant,

I respect your opinion on these boards very much so I was just wondering how soon the massage of the breasts should begin after surgery has been done? I have heard various things, ranging from one week to two months, but I am certainly very interested in your input! And how long do you think it should be done for? Both in terms of the immediate massage (5 minutes?) and in terms of for how long daily massage should continue (a few months)?

Thanks so much!

So I was still wondering your thoughts!

And now I have a few more questions...

Also, do you think massage could help loose skin? It's been 1 month since I had gland + lipo - I had pretty strong gyno with loose skin - I was told to see if it tightened on its own after 6 months and then maybe do a tightening procedure if there's still lax skin. There's a good amount of loose skin/crease on the left side of my chest although as far as the gyno goes everything is good and the chest is flat. It's just there's this crease of skin right beneath the nipple that's extremely unsightly! Now I'm upset because if it doesn't tighten on its own but the right side does and I have to have a skin tightening surgery will I think only have a scar on the left side, an asymmetric scar?

Thanks so much,

For each of my patients I prefer to individualize their own Scar Care. One standard time does not fit all problems. I believe that the scar care and Compression Garments can be critical factors on how tissues evolve after surgery. There is no proof in the literature that any one scar care product or method is any better than any other. The problem is in the inability to design a methodology that quantifies a scar or the evolution of the tissue. All turn to verbal hand waiving and opinions.

Loose Skin of the Male Chest sculpture options are best decided at the time of the surgery when done for stable problems. This is an issue of compromise. When my patients need a Skin Reduction Chest Lift, I prefer to do that at the first operation. Waiting to see what happens forces a second surgery, more recovery, and much more expense for the patient. I do not remember ever needing to perform a secondary skin tightening operation for any of my own gynecomastia surgery patients. I have had to revise other surgeons' nightmares such as this Monster Large Nipple Complication After Bad Gynecomastia Surgery.

I prefer to quantify the loose skin with my Standard Loose Skin Male Chest Pictures. The bending over views permit gravity to pull the excess down. Judging a doctor's "success" of their patients with loose skin only with pictures standing up, not flexing muscles, or lifting arms up overhead permits bad results to be hidden. Standard Videos of the Male Chest are even more critical in understanding the problem or results.

How tissues evolve after surgery is a function of technique, original problem, and many other factors. I designed my website such that what is seen there is typical for my patients. Over the years such documentation helped my patients understand what was typical and then call me so that I could intervene if necessary. Unfortunately, not all surgeons have the same skills nor use the same methods. Many surgeons also do not show images how their methods evolve after surgery leaving patients to guess what may happen. However as I mentioned before, loose skin is a compromise situation and sometimes leaving some loose skin behind is better than the scars from the skin reduction as in that example I gave above.

You are welcome to join our group, post pictures, videos and discuss options. Why not post a standard set of images and compare them over time to see if there are any actual changes?

Our Male Mastopexy Chest Lift Forum is the board that specifically deals with loose skin issues of the male chest.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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