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Dr. Bermant,
          I have been wanting to get surgery done for years; however, i was in the military and could not get it done. I was recently medically separated/retired due to my spine. I was looking at some websites and read the reviews and have great things about your expertise with gynecomastia surgeries. I understand you are retiring at the end of August and will not be accepting any new patients after July 31. I just found your information today and was wondering if you could please consider taking me as a patient? I have been waiting/dreaming about this possibility for around 18 years now. Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached at -. Have a blessed day.

I have helped many North Carolina Gynecomastia patients over the years. Sorry that I could not sculpt your chest but after 25 years of hard work, I will not be offering any more surgery. Some are still using the tools I developed on my website and this forum to learn about their options. So without surgery, I still may be influencing the contouring of others for years to come. There is much to explore and many resources to start with. You are welcome to join our discussion group, use our resources, and learn.

Hope this helps,

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