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hi ,
 I am - from boston and i just recently found your website and saw that you are retiring soon , congratulations. I am looking for a doctor that performs scapha reduction otoplasty just as good as your work , since you are retiring pretty soon other wise i would of done this with you. Is there many doctors that are experienced in this most of the plastic surgeons i seen online only talk about pinning of the ear which leaves me unsure if they would be suited for my needs. I love the website it really shows in depth the procedures and your skill level.

Hope to hear from you soon ,

You cannot pin an ear back and end up with a good result if the primary problem is a big scaphoid fossa, the upper part of the auricle as seen in this Ear Anatomy explanation. When this part of the ear dominates, then the surgery should Reduce the Scaphoid Fossa

Scapha Reduction Otoplasty is a subset of Macrotia Ear Reducing Surgery. Not all surgeons have the same skills nor use the same techniques. That is why I developed resources here like How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon. You just need to look for examples of that surgeon's skills at this type of sculpture. If you do not find examples, then you are gambling. Check my resources on How to Evaluate Otoplasty and Ear Pictures.

Hope this helps,

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