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Hello Dr. Bermant. First I would like to say congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I have been considering otoplasty and have had consultations with two plastic surgeons over the past two weeks. However, both are suggesting a slightly different method.

One surgeon suggested that the folds in my ear were fine. He was also against removing cartilage as it has possible implications down the road (you can see the connection or fold as you get older). He simply suggested using sutures. The second surgeon suggested: 1.  Anthelical Fold Creation (folding cartilage). 2.  Excising cartilage in middle of the ear. 3.  Excising excess skin from back of ear and suture ears backwards.
Both of these surgeons are board certified with the ABPS and have fairly good reputations from what I can gather. I am going to see one more surgeon tomorrow who is certified in Otolaryngology, I am interested to see what his opinion will be.

Anyways, was the first surgeon correct in his statement that in removing cartilage it could end up being noticeable ten years or so down the line? I figured I would talk to the surgeons to figure who I like best but now I am so confused, do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

There are many possible Ear Deformities and I prefer to design my sculpture for the specific set of problems that each ear has. And yes, that often means a different type of surgery on each side. That often means blending from my artist's pallet of surgical techniques as I performed Plastic Surgery on Ears. Cartilage excision can be critical when reducing an ear such as in Macrotia Reduction Otoplasty. However, I do not like cartilage excisions preferring to bring that structure back with sutures during a Concha Bowl Setback.

This can be confusing for a patient to understand which is why I built this forum for people to post their problems, concerns, and permit surgeons with a passion to describe what they feel the solutions should be. I also built resources on How to Pick an Otoplasty Surgeon and How to Evaluate Otoplasty  Before After Pictures.

Why not join us here and post a set of my Standard Otoplasty Pictures so others can better understand your concerns and learn about such recommendations each surgeon is making.

Thank you for your comments about my retirement. I am looking forward to it.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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