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Dear Doctor,

I'm writing from Bologna, Italy. I'm a 25 years old boy with gynecomastia. I was operated in 2007 by Dr. x but I wasn't satisfied with the results (I still have asymmetric, puffy and inverted nipples) so I'm looking for another doctor. I was examined a month ago by Dr.y (he told me he is the inventor of the pull-through technique) but he told me there's no way to fix inverted nipples, which I don't believe to be true. Could you please suggest me a good surgeon for gynecomastia treatment in my area?

Thank you very much,

Not all doctors have the same skills. If that surgeon said that he could not fix it, he probably was being honest enough about his own skills. I have been pulling large gland through tiny incisions well before I ever saw articles on such techniques. You can see many examples of the Gland of Gynecomastia Picture Gallery. Each has links to the actual patient with more details and close up of my tiny incisions that the much larger gland was removed through. That doctor certainly did not teach me that method nor "invent" it to the best I am aware. We have been performing big surgeries through tiny incisions for quite some time.

The Inverted Male Nipple can occur naturally as part of gynecomastia gland tethering the surface skin to deeper tissues or be a variation of the Crater Deformity Defect after bad gynecomastia surgery. These crater deformities can come in different degrees. The difficulty fixing them depends on the problem. As you can see from the many examples I have posted, certain variations of this problem can be improved in the right hands.

Other patients have Puffy Nipple Complication which can have many factors contributing to this variation of contour problem after surgery. I have seen many variations and combinations possible sometimes in the same patient on each side.

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery is an art forum. You will need to find a surgeon who can demonstrate the skills of this specific problem. Many surgeons do not show animation views critical in assessment of this problem that can intensify with motion, flexing muscles, or lifting arms up overhead. If you do not look, you do not see. If you are not critical in your documentation, you may overlook problems or fail to demonstrate the quality of the results. Personally, I preferred to have my patients comfortable living life, not just with a result that looked O.K. with arms at the sides, muscles relaxed.

I have built resources here on How to Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon and to better understand their skills: How To Evaluate Before After Gynecomastia Surgery Pictures.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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