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My names -, the only reason i can't get this surgery done through you is because i'm in australia, is there anyway i could get a referal to someone over here?

Your request is not specific. Although there are generalists and each surgeon may have some basic skills,
there are many different types of Plastic Surgery and each doctor has his / her own skills. That is why I have been building resources specific to each problem on how to choose and learn about each doctor's talents.

You are welcome to join us to explain your concerns, what you are trying to achieve. Most Plastic Surgeons do not require a referral. However for anyone to make an appropriate referral, they should better understand the patient's needs.

I am now retired. When I was practicing I saw many Patients from Australia who preferred my techniques. However, I also saw many asking for help to Revision of Large Areola Complication After Australian Gynecomastia Surgery. That is why learning about who to pick is so important. Some choose local doctors, other prefer to travel for their care and find the best doctor for their problem.

When I was practicing my profession I made referrals only for my own patients. Those who I had the opportunity to analyze their problems. I built this forum for those seeking such knowledge and tools to learn options about factors that can be critical in learning how to choose your doctor. Each problem has different solutions and surgeons with different skill sets. The question becomes how to better understand quality of that result.

You are welcome to join our discussion group and use our tools and resources. As you learn more, you can contribute your findings and knowledge.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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