Author Topic: Revision Gynecomastia - Finding Surgeon After 2 Failures in Florida  (Read 4652 times)

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It appears as though we were unable to make this happen in the short time available.
That being the case, would you be able to provide me with a referral to a doctor that provides a comparable service? From what I've found in my own research, most plastic surgeons claim to provide this treatment however, in my own personal experience, their techniques/abilities are not at the same level as Dr. Bermant.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you,

Thank you for the kind words about my sculpture skills.

Did you check out what specialty you doctor was trained in, certifications? There are quite a few discussion here on this forum about the failures involving liposuction for gland removal:

Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - Will Liposuction Remove Gland?

Revision Gynecomastia Forum - Unhappy: VASER Liposuction Did Not Remove Gland

It is a mater of the principle I discuss here:

Gynecomastia Surgery Forum - How Does Dr. Bermant Get Rid of Gyno?. Liposuction just does not remove gland. If you want to remove gland, you need to cut it out.

Sorry we were not able to offer you an analysis of your problem and revision before my retirement. I have posted tools to use in learning How to Pick your Gynecomastia Surgeon. This starts out with How To Evaluate Gynecomastia Pictures. If they do not have them, then you are the one taking the gamble. If they have them, do they represent typical results for that doctor. That was my goal for my website. I worked very hard to achieve a demonstration that my patients told me that their results were similar to or better than what they saw on my site.

My methods of surgery evolved over the years based on an evolving set of ever more critical evaluation system of pictures and exam. I have posted the picture tools here for others to use and continue to improve them over time. You are welcome to become a member here in this forum to discuss your prior surgery, what was done, what the remaining problems are, and the issue of finding who to go to for revision. With my retirement I cannot do the surgery, but at least I have built the tools to help continue the public learning process beyond my practice.

Hope this helps,

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