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Hello Dr. Bermant,
Congratulations on your retirement. I live in the Bay Area and was thinking of getting Gynecomastia surgery done. Since you are no longer an option, who would you recommend as the best surgeon for this operation?
Thanks and good luck with your retirement.

Thank you for your comments and yes, I look forward to my retirement. I have constructed tools and resources on How To Pick A Gynecomastia Surgeon. They are based on a careful analysis of that doctor's work through critical Evaluation of Gynecomastia Pictures. The videos are even more critical of how tissues look during movement.

My goal was to plant a seed of where these standard pictures had evolved during my practice. By joining this forum and helping these tools improve over time, you can contribute to this process. Why not post your photos here so that others can better understand your concerns.

Gynecomastia comes in many different forms. Not all surgeons have the same skills with all variations.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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