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I am interested in knowing more about the mini tummy tuck that is done ONLY through belly button and where you DON'T get cut at your bikini line. A few doctors have told me that it can not be done, but I know that it can be done as one of my friends had it done some 20 years ago after she had her babies.  I would appreciate it if you could give me more info regarding this procedure or refer me to a doctor in Gauteng that does this procedure as I cannot find much about it on the internet.  If there are no doctors  in Gauteng that does this, I would come to Cape Town to have it done.
Thank you very much.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Sorry, a through the Belly Button Tummy Tuck Does Not work. I have seen just too many disasters from patients unhappy after other surgeons' misadventures attempting that "option." To evaluate any doctor's claims that they can do it this way, carefully investigate:

Standard Before After Tummy Tuck Pictures and for a more critical analysis, Tummy Tuck Before After Movies. Verbal hand waving that it can be done or limited pictures is just not the same as actual proof seeing how it moves.

You should be looking for documentation such as seen on Videos Before After Tummy Tuck in Belly Dancer. It is not just that single page, there are many components of that patient's documentation of the problem and sculpture such as Before After Pictures Belly Dancer Tummy Tuck and the Tummy Tuck Experiences of Belly Dancer Healing & Recovery After Tummy Tuck

Hope this helps,

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