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Breast Implant Forum - Thinking About 42DD to 44E
« on: December 11, 2011, 09:07:26 PM »
Comment from user:
I am thinking of having my boobs done. They are 42 dd and i wana go to a

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Size descriptions are sometimes an issue. That is why I used a set of implant sizers when performing this surgery so that patients could experience the effect of the implant in their bra in front of a mirror and movement.

There are many issues to consider when thinking about breast enlargement. Since I stopped offering them so many years ago, I do not yet have an educational component describing these issues on my site. Added size means added weight. Checking what it is like living with that extra mass can be an issue for some. This is enough to ask why do some women seek breast reductions? Beyond that how will the implant look on motion, living life, and how will it feel. Such issues seem to be rarely discussed or documented by those doing this surgery.

You are welcome to join us, express your thoughts, concerns, and learn about issues.

Hope this helps,

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