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Hello I am 48 and for medical reasons I had to have my breasts reduced 5 weeks ago well one week after the surgery I developed a staph aureus infection in my right breasts my Surgeon is not doing anything about it I went to see 3 other doctor n they said I should be on antibiotics so they put me on it n the Surgeon is telling me not to take it its now 3 weeks n my breast is still draining so my medical dr is sending me to a wound center please tell me is this Surgeon wrong for not treating this infection I have attached a pic of my breast thank you

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Breast reduction infections are best prevented with technique. Once they are there, infections can be difficult to manage depending on existence of dead tissue. Infections can compromise tissue blood supply and breast reduction is based on flaps which means there is a blood supply compromise to begin with as you can see in these Pictures During Female Breast Reduction Surgery.

Management is typically best with someone who is able to evalaute the tissue in person frequently. That is why I preferred, when I was practicing patients, to design my surgery to minimize such complications. Most of my patients traveled a great distance to see me. So I needed to design my surgery to minimize such risks. I did not take on patients after infections elsewhere later in my career as I felt that local near by contact was so critical for the care.

You are welcome to post you photos here for others to see and express your concerns.

It can take some time for healing and deformity can be an issue depending on what happens. Good luck on your healing.

Posting Standard Breast Reduction Pictures of the progression from now until healed could help with the emotions that can happen during this stressful time and educate others about the process of recovery from a complication. That is a purpose of this forum, to provide a framework for others to interact about issues before, during, and after surgery.

Hope this helps,

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