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Happy you and your family. How do you know what a good price "is" for Breast Augmentation? When is low, to low?

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The Cost of Plastic Surgery can vary based on many factors. The least expensive price is not always the best indicator. The fact is that Not All Surgeons Achieve the Same Results. You cannot just go into a museum, see something you like, and then go to an untested artist to get the same quality work.

I have not written a specific section here yet on how to evaluate breast implant work. You will need to extrapolate from available resources here. Start with How to Pick Gynecomastia Surgeon which is male breast reduction. Use my Standard Breast Reduction Pictures and Standard Breast Reduction Movies. There are some additional views I would suggest in looking at breast augmentation. How they look when laying down on back, how they look in a bra with activities. The goal is to understand real results as someone is living their life. Try to separate the hype and salesmanship from real results. You should be able to review just what

Remember the cost of bad surgery can be much more expensive if revision is necessary or cheap implants break, or shortcuts are taken resulting in infection or complications.

Hope this helps,

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