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Hi Dr B. My name is -. I understand you're retired so sorry for bothering you. I have suffered from gynocomastia since i was a boy, about 1985. I had my lrightgyno removed at age 13 in 1988, and the left slowly grew until i had recently removed sept 2011. But I'm afraid That due to my idiocy of taking a test hormone, the left didn't hea properly (puffy nipple with keloid), and the right which was my pride and joy for 22 yrs has become pussy with a large nipple. I am not sure if the gland is returing but I assume it's fat and may require lipo. But the left aerola isn't the same size or color as the right. I haven't removed my shirt in nearly 15 yrs. I'm 36 now and my exercising isn't even working. I feel my body hormones are gone wacko. I'm working in korea and it's EXPENSIVE to get gyno done. could you give me advice pls. I'm so depressed. This affects my life as I don't want to show any female/partner my body. Pls write back asap.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

You are welcome to join us, learn, and share your experiences. Why not post your pictures here? 3 months can be early for some techniques.

Yes, there can be a great deal of Emotion Living with Gynecomastia, you are not alone.

I am no longer practicing surgery nor offering specific medical advice. Gynecomastia Surgery Does Not Prevent Regrowth. That forum post goes into a great deal of detail about those issues. But if there are stability issues, I used to advise my patients the next step was not more surgery, but getting the problem under control. When patients had Red Flags discussed on that post, getting them stabilized first was better than needing more and more surgery. The Endocrinologist is the doctor best suited to evaluate if the hormones are at issue.

The Puffy Nipple Complication can be from remaining gland, growing gland, scar tissue, and other problems. If there are Keloid Scars, that is a problem in itself as discussed Keloid On Chest and Ideal Patient for Gynecomastia Surgery?. Not only can a surface keloid destroy the look of surgery, in itself can cause distortion of puffy nipple complication. When reviewing slides with pathologists of revision cases, the Pathologists had difficulty telling the difference between scar tissues and gland. Thy called each case just "gynecomastia" even after  I asked for clarification and provided what I was looking for.

I have worked with many Bodybuilders with Gynecomastia over the years. They all have told me that exercising was great for building muscle, but what was on top of the muscle just got pushed out further. Exercising will not get rid of gland nor scar distortions.

I have posted resources on How to Pick A Gynecomastia Surgeon.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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