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Looking at your website about belly buttons and what they are etc
I went to see a surgeon where I live nyc about tummy after 3 babies and he said only need mini tt
He wants to float belly button but then out it back where it was because I have no real loose skin but do have separated muscles
He said he has to cut the stalk underneath in order to get to the muscles up high and tighten all the way down
Is this true?
Is there a way to do the mini tt and not cut the bb
As a Mom something about ‘cutting the cord” bothers me –

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

During my long career, I saw many New York Tummy Tuck patients who preferred my techniques. Be careful about your surgeon selection, not all surgeons have the same skills nor use the same methods.

In my opinion, if the belly button needs to be floated, then the individual is not really a candidate for a Mini Tummy Tuck. That example was someone who only needed a mini tuck and did not need the belly button floated. It is a question of Loose Stomach Skin. If there is loose skin above the belly button, your options are either to leave it, looks bad, address it with a tummy tuck, or float it to a lower position.

The problem is that with floating the belly button to a lower position, it is just not natural looking, but too low. This can be an option for someone who has a high positioned belly button. This is part of the art of what it takes to make Beautiful Belly Buttons. One too low just does not look good on still pictures, bending over, and worse for movies.

Another reason I do not like to move a belly button is the tether point. The belly button is the attachment of the surface skin to the deeper parts of the body. Reattaching that point can be difficult. I prefer to leave it and detach the belly button skin from the stalk that remains attached. You can see components of pictures during surgery Belly Button Component of Tummy Tuck - Skin Divided from Stalk. In most Tummy Tucks there is so much extra skin above the belly button that that excess needs to be pulled down over the in place stalk. The tethered stalk is then Brought Out Through a New Hole to Complete the Belly Button Surgery

Part of understanding about what a surgeon offers is looking at that surgeon's results. I built our resources How to Evaluate Tummy Tuck Pictures as well as How to Pick your Tummy Tuck Surgeon. You will need to carefully look at the Mini Tuck cases to see if you like them. If you doctor only has limited views (and if you review those resources you will learn how you cannot trust only one or two views to show the real results regularly), then you may or may not get what you want.

That is why I evolved my Standard Tummy Tuck Pictures or even more critically in Tummy Tuck Videos to better understand the issues before surgery and just how well my sculpture was after surgery.

You also want a good looking belly button and each surgeon has their own style as seen in my gallery of Belly Button Surgery as Part of Tummy Tuck.

So the proof is in the documentation of what someone offers.

You are welcome to join our forum and post your own images. 

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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