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I really wanted to have my ears fixed by you, But you retired ,
Who can i now trust to fix my ears, The stick out, very badly,
Who can do all the various reshaping, like helix rim, so on,
Most places go a basic otoplasty op, My helix rim needs reshaping to, along with
fixing my ears so the don't stick out,
Also what do you make of Dr Merks Stitch Method Otoplasty  ??

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Yes, Plastic Surgery of the Ears is a true art form. One surgical maneuver  does not fit all deformities. I preferred blending my Dynamic Techniques to adapt to the actual ear deformity. When the Helix rim is a component of the deformity, sometimes it can be incorporated into the sculpture.

I have posted resources on How to Pick Your Otoplasty Surgeon. You really need to look at the surgeons' work, not just read the verbal hype.

That is the problem I have seen with the technique you ask about. You can find basic comments here on this post about "Incisionsless" Surgery: Does it Work?. I have seen so many patients over the years unhappy after that particular method was supposedly used. I still have not found any decent demonstration of successful cases. To critically evaluate results you need to look at more than one picture of the ears. Check out How to Evaluate Otoplasty Ear Pictures. My concerns about validity of results are further heightened when a surgeon does not put the before and after pictures together as I saw today on one such supposed demonstration of results. Why if the technique works, cannot those advocating it demonstrate it with many cases. Beyond that glaring poor method of demonstration, the results shown look like cases I saw of unhappy patients who came to my office. Once you looked at the ear from the different views I evolved for my Standard Pictures for Otoplasty, the true nature of the problem becomes apparent.

You are welcome to participate in our forum, post pictures, share your concerns. This forum was designed for those with concerns to be able to discuss them and permit those with passions to sculpt, demonstrate their skills.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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