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Seriously, as soon as I thought I had found the right doctor who could reconstruct a belly button, turns out your retired. I am 43 years old and in really good shape but hate showing my stomach because of the questions I get asked. PLEASE, is there anyone else that can help? I will travel. I just want to feel normal. I hope to hear back from you and yes I have read your forum, but want to hear a referral from you. You seem to be the expert here and I will value your recommendation,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The Beautiful Belly Button and Documentation

Just what goes into making a Beautiful Belly Button, is a matter of opinion and artistic skills. The issue about belly buttons is that the true nature, a tether point of the stomach shows most during motion, our bodies moving. I used my Standard Pictures of Belly Buttons to focus in on the navel, how it looked from the various angles, and how it anchored tissue during flexing and movement. Even more critical were my Tummy Tuck Movies.

Why Document Dynamic Component?
I used such documentation to enable patients to send me details of their problems before traveling to me for their surgery such that I could already have set up an operation the day after the in office examination. I also used this methodology to evolve my own sculpture over the years. The problem is that not all surgeons recognize this dynamic component limiting their before and after documentation to a few still images. Unfortunately major contour problems can be hidden by such limited analysis.

Why Use Our Forum
I have built resources here on this forum on How to Pick A Tummy Tuck Surgeon and how to Critically Evaluate Tummy Tuck Pictures. In the case of someone wanting belly button surgery, you need to see results that concentrate on the belly button or the specific deformity you have. Finding actual Before And After Belly Button Gallery examples of that surgeon's skills is of great help.

I built this forum for those who have issues with parts of their body to demonstrate the problems, share their concerns. Notice how the poster can keep their face out of the picture or video during this demonstration for privacy. People can choose to keep their identity private, unless there is an identifying tattoo. Use my tools to document the deformity in animation. Taking my standard views and then applying the specific motions that bother that individual the most and document these issues by photographs and even better videos. That is what I did with this Belly Dancer Tummy Tuck as she demonstrated belly rolls during the recovery after surgery. I had not included such movement as part of my normal protocol or ballet of motions I put each patient through to demonstrate the problem and my sculpture solution. Each athlete and artist has their own animation that they have as part of their activities.

Our forum is also designed to attract those with a passion to rebuild and repair such problem to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Posting videos and standard photos can provide the thinking surgeon with problems to solve. My goal is to plant the seeds of continued growth in this field. Those with the skills eventually will add such documentation to their office presentations, online sites, or here in this forum.

You are welcome to use our resources, join and participate, show others your concerns, and hopefully learn about options.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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