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@DrBermant Looking for a Doctor for Breast augmentation , and some facial surgery. And do u affiliate with Trans sexual Meds ?

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I stopped offering breast implants many years ago for female augmentation, breast lifts with implants, MTF transgender, and cancer reconsturtion. I just was not pleased when analyzing just how they looked with natural living motion and movements. Natural tissue looks so much better but the free flap reconstruction was just too great a price to pay for getting that material elsewhere. I was busy enough with my other passions so, I just left that market to others. Yet today, I still do not see surgeons documentation how tissues move as in my Standard Breast Lift Pictures or the even more critical Breast Lift Movies.

Granted, there are many times no better alternatives. But the issue is one of honesty of what the surgery realistically offers. I did like what I was doing for my patients, it was just I had better operations in other aspects of Plastic Surgery that I felt accomplished more.

This forum was designed for those with issues and others with passions to help. It is designed so that surgeons with an interest can demonstrate their techniques and skills.

I have worked with many patients needing medications for maintenance of sexual issues. I always deferred to an Endocrinologist for the medical management of these medications. I have strong feeling over the poor management I saw from less well trained general doctors doing hormone work that I made such management mandatory when I was working on complex cases such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

I did offer feminization of facial features.

You are welcome to join in the discussion here. If enough participate, we can accommodate additional boards for topics like MTF plastic surgery.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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