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@DrBermant what's your minimum age 4procedure &indications. Is there any absolute parameter ratio byinsurance companies agree upon in USA.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Minimum age depends on problem to be treated and many other factors. For the ear splinting, I tried to get newborns in for the process. In my hands it was too cumbersome with my hand made silicon foam mold. We could not get an effective method for the parents to keep the splints on. That is why I do not offer that method on my site. It just did not work well when considering patient cooperation and the thinking at that time that this process was to be done shortly after birth while the mother's hormones were still in the body softening up the cartilage.

For otoplasty surgery, I chose to use the age before social interaction on a child who wanted the surgery for typical pin back surgery. Earlier for someone with one of the other variation of ear deformity. For microtia ear reconstruction, it also depended on resources for cartilage to build the ear. Hopefully that will change some day with bio-engineered materials. There is still the issue of child cooperation and that varies from individual to individual.

Indications or Should I have Otoplasty Surgery is quite a complex topic.

For insurance issues, we eventually just did not offer participation with any plans. We did find that insurance companies not only varied on any one factor from company to company, but they also changed their plans over time.

You are welcome to join us to continue the discussion and be more specific with your questions.

Hope this helps,

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