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A surgeon is a sculptor. Looking at his / her work can better help understand skills and what the doctor offers. Before and After Surgery Pictures are the format, the question is are just one or 2 views enough detail to understand the problem? When only one or 2 pictures are shown, details may be missing. Look for multiple views showing the problem from different angles. Understanding how the tissues move is also critical. Movies and videos are even more informative about the problem and skills of the sculpture. Look for consistent lighting, framing, and the same set of views between the different examples of the same problem. To more completely demonstrate such issues, I have evolved Standard After Surgery Pictures and Movies depending on the problem to be sculpted. These standard images can be found in the floating navigation bar seen below the sections that have been upgraded from the basic forum settings.

Check out our Tummy Tuck Forum to see how this works.  Such images can help others better understand concerns, solutions, and skills.

Hope this helps,

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