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Hello doctor, i have had inverted nipples since i was small as i have always had a reasonably high body fat,
i am currently on a cut and hope they turn around but i am unsure if this is a sign of gyno, i have had it before puberty.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Inverted Nipples in Men is a form of gynecomastia when the gland pulls the skin to the deeper chest structures. See how Nipple Tissues Are Tethered to Deeper Tissues as the skin is moved over the chest.

The mechanism is just like female nipple inversion, hence a form of gynecomastia since is is a contour problem caused by the glandular tension. The treatment is different. In men there is no need to preserve function, getting rid of the gland and bringing fat into the defect is a great method to contour the problem. I have managed many such contour issues in men during my long career.

New nipple inversion can be s sign of a problem such as cancer that should be evaluated immediately.

Fat reduction can decrease the degree of inversion to a degree. As the fat layer gets thinner, the skin is closer to the chest. I have seen some improvement after weight loss, it depends on the degree of the tethering, fat, and many other factors. Weight loss will not get rid of the gland element nor how the skin is held to the chest.

Why not post pictures of your chest. Use our Standard Pictures for Gynecomastia to document the nipple inversion. You need the close up views to show the detail of Male Inverted Nipple. Then if weight loss makes a difference, then you have been able to document just how much.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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