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Dr Bermant
I appreciate you listening to my question.
I am a 53 y/o male that in college had an extensive weight loss of 90 pounds
I have worked out for years and am very healthy but loose skin on my upper arms won't retract and I have large breasts with loose skin.
I had a tummy tuck that was very successful.
I am looking into having an upper arm lift but the MD discussed the scar going further down to address some extra skin under the arms then under my pectorals to address the sagging skin on my pecs..
They are not that bad and I am not sure I want the scar under my pectorals.
I know you are retired now and I had planned to have a consult with you just prior to the announcement.
I am in San Diego, do you know anyone out here that specializes in a technique similar to yours.
I saw some guys on your site that looked similar that you did the internal mastopexy with some skin removal looks like around the areola.
I understand the arm thing is needed but hate to put scars on my chest.
Any info is appreciated, I have been looking but not finding what I need.
Many thanks

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Congratulations on your weight loss. 90 pounds is quite an achievement. After Weight Loss, loose skin is a global problem. Staging the various options was a hallmark of my approach. I preferred to tighten the lower body first with options such as a Tummy Tuck. Here is a discussion of why I did not offer Can Tummy Tuck and Chest Lift Be Done Same Surgery?

For the chest, Low Nipples Just do Not Look Good. after weight loss. Excess Skin of the Male Chest with Gynecomastia comes in various degrees.  Why not consider posting  Standard Pictures for Evaluating Extra Skin on the Male Chest so others can better understand your concerns.

For some patients, my small incision skin reduction chest lift was an option.  This eliminates the unnatural very obvious unnatural vertical scar.  For smaller problems, I evolved my Internal Lift Male Mastopexy Surgery that has even smaller scars.  My internal lift is not suitable when the excess skin is a major contributing factor for the deformity.  A Male Donut Mastopexy when pushed too far will leave a star burst deformity that detracts from the result. That is why picking your surgeon carefully can be so important. Arm Lift scars just do not look good, in my opinion and are even more difficult to hide.

Yes, scars are a compromise.  Surgeons need some place to remove the excess skin.  The shorter the scars, the less skin that can be removed. Others choose to leave loose skin where the degree is just not as bad and scars look less natural than some laxity. Another option is to consider Body Shaping Garments to stabilize the loose tissues and put off or avoid surgery altogether. Some try this as a temporizing option to see just how much the extra tissues bother them. I have examples of loose skin male chest in this demonstration of just how effective compression garments can be for this condition.

Options are best explored during an evaluation with an experienced surgeon who can demonstrate their skills with this compromise issue of loose skin of the male chest sculpture.

We have tools here on How to Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon. The difference here, is that the problem is a loose skin issue and the pictures evaluating the technique should demonstrate just how effective that method is in real life. Seeing photos of someone standing upright just tells part of the story. Unless you can see what the tissues look like with the individual bending over or with arms up overhead, you are not really seeing what the body looks like in real life. Videos would be even better. I would have rather been able to capture someone swimming, playing basketball, or volleyball. I had to settle for my Standard Videos Male Chest for Loose Skin.

This forum was designed to more than just be a place to express concerns. It was created as a place for other surgeons to show what their methods have to offer, advantages, and a place to improve what is done. If someone says they have a better way, show it! Come up with a better critical analysis of the problem or solution. Yes, I am retired. But you can use this forum to learn about options and stimulate discussion about issues that bother you.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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