Author Topic: After Gynecomastia Surgery - Return to Activity  (Read 8341 times)

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After Gynecomastia Surgery - Return to Activity
« on: April 08, 2012, 08:26:10 AM »
Iv read throughout the forum and looks like ur the man to speak to when it comes to questions about gynecomastia. I have few since i just actually got done with the surgery this pas tuesday.
1. When do u recommend a patient to go back to weightlifting??, as i really worry about losing all my gains that i have gotten.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

When can I return to my job After Gynecomastia Surgery and Recovery How Soon Can I Get Back To The Gym? have been discussed before on this forum.

2. I am some what of a social smoker as you would call it, maybe 3 cigs top each day, i wanted to know when can i go back to smoking? ( i do understand it is unhealthy)

I warned each of my patients about the dangers of nicotine with surgery and healing. The risks are not acceptable to the point that I preferred to not offer elective surgery to such individuals. During my early training we were able to document that the first puff of a cigarette diminished blood flow to healing tissues. There is no safe level of any nicotine use if trying to avoid complications.

3. When is it possible to consume alcohol after surgery? I do understand that im under pain meds but what if the day i do plan on drinking, i don't take any of the pain killers?
4. Also i wanted to know does hydrocodone or Naproxen promote any weight gain so that i can be cautious on what exactly im eating.
Once again Dr.

Although each of my patients was prescribed strong pain medication, almost all told me that just plain Tylenol was enough to manage Comfort After Gynecomastia Surgery. Both alcohol and medication can impair judgement. Understanding what can be done and not helps protect healing tissues yet perform activities and use our bodies. Remove this protective feedback and injury or slowing healing process can take place. My goal was to offer sculpture with minimal Bruising and Swelling After Gynecomastia Surgery. With optimal after surgery activity and protection, peak swelling is at the time of surgery itself. New swelling and discomfort can be signs that the tissue has been pushed too far or reinjured.

My patients used so little pain medications that I heard no complaints about weight gain with medications. With our program of optimal activity and protection, there also seemed to be minimized loss of muscle mass or weight gain.

Hope this helps,

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