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Thank u doc confirmin if U still perform constricted ear surgery and if not whom could you recommend thanks and do you recommend prosthetic

I am looking for a doctor to perform surgery on my constricted ears whom would you recommend

hey doc just asking i have small ears and am looking for an operation but the cash is a problem how can i raise money for surgery. Thanks

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and no longer offering any surgery.

The Constricted Ear Deformity comes in many different degrees and forms. Options depend on many factors.

A Prosthesis or artificial ear can be of help for some severe cases, but there are significant limitations that need to be understood before considering that option.

We have resources here on Picking Your Otoplasty Surgeon, but in this case, one needs to look at the surgeon's skills with the specific small constricted ear. What do the before and after surgery pictures look like for the surgeon who will be offering the operation?

Cost of Otoplasty Surgery depends on the problem involved. Not all ear surgery is the same. When I was in practice, our prices depended on the complexity of the problem needing sculpture. Sorry, I can not help with how to raise money for surgery. However, I saw so many unhappy patients asking for help to fix deformities after trying to save money by going to some surgeon offering lower costs. Some of the defects I could not fix nor offer revision options. When I could fix the problem, Revision Otoplasty tends to be much more expensive due to the increased complexity. This is not something that can be done by just anyone. The risks of disaster are just too great.

Hope this helps,

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