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This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

How To Pick Your Gynecomastia Surgeon is not a trivial issue.
Just because someone offers free information, does not make them an expert. Carefully examine what is said and shown.

This starts with learning about what the doctor offers.
Check our Gynecomastia Site Index and you can find over 200 pages of extensive details about male breasts and examples of expertise. Now look at the doctor you are investigating. How much will you know about their methods? Is a single page or paragraph about this process enough passion to trust your body to?

How to Evaluate Gynecomastia Before and After Pictures
Carefully look at the contours before and after. Just how bad was the problem and the solution? When I see contour concerns, I want to better understand the results. Looking at just one or two views of the problem and solution is not enough, in my opinion. That is why I evolved my various standard views to more critically examine the chest from different angles and how the tissues moves. Would you consider buying a used car when the dealer only lets you look at the front and one side, and not let you see how it runs? There are tools in our resources that are not trivial. When before and after images are framed differently or photographed under different lighting, that makes understanding what really is there more difficult. When there are no close up of the scars, is there something to see?

Revision Gynecomastia Surgery requires more skill and expertise.
When someone is able to fix other surgeons' problems, that can be a sign of added skills. However, where are the examples? What are the methods used by that doctor? Just claiming that skill is not same as demonstrating what they can do. 

I had so many patients asking me for help after gynecomastia surgery by other doctors I started posting some of the requests for others to review.

Patients Empowered
The Internet offers surgeons ability to build resources to demonstrate their skills, expertise, and details about diseases and solutions like nothing we have had up to date. This is an opportunity for the public to pick doctors from demonstrated skills, minimizing the unknown. Free internet and free web lectures are powerful marketing tools, but look and critically examine what is being advertised. Web pages are there to look at, go back and review, wait some time, and review again later. Web lectures are transient events. Even more powerful is a format like what is presented here a combination of both resources seen in our floating toolbar for our Gynecomastia Forum and a place to ask your questions, share concerns, and post photos or links to proof of why something is better or wrong. This dynamic framework permits those with a passion to post their views, and photographs of why their methods work.

If the results someone gets looks like what the surgeon has posted or shown, then it is the patient's own fault for choosing that doctor. When there is little there to view, then there is a greater unknown and a gamble.

Our resources here are our attempt to Empower the Public, show how to minimize the unknown and learn what you can achieve with the best surgeon. Come join us and contribute to this process.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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