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Tummy tuck is not an alternative to losing weight.  Where weight comes from is unpredictable as is where it will go back onto.  Excess fat is also typically behind the belly wall.  After further major weight loss, tissues can again loosen.  I typically recommend getting to a weight a patient will be happy, and then sculpt the body.  I have patients who have lost weight after surgery and their skin adjusted just fine.  However, the problem is how will any one individual change with further weight loss.

I do not offer total body fat reduction surgery. Plastic Surgery is not an alternative to losing weight.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

That quote was from email I have sent out over the years trying to help others learn about the limitations of Plastic Surgery. It is not an alternative to losing weight. It is not a quick fix for those with problems of global fat. Yet, I have heard from so many asking for help after surgery done elsewhere, unhappy that the results did not achieve what they wanted, or worse, that after then losing weight, the loose skin problems came back.

This has come up in posts over and over again:

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There are many more examples on our resources, these are just a few.

When I was still in practice, my recommendation was for patients get to a weight they were happy with before considering surgery. This means considering the Body Mass Index  and Body Fat Analysis. The new smart scales we have added can be great motivators tracking body fat and weight progress:

Discussion Wi-Fi Scales and Body Fat Analyzers

Our Standard Stomach and Lower Body Pictures and Standard Breast Pictures or Standard Chest Pictures are among the resources for documenting progress of the contours and hanging tissues. Our standard videos are even better at this documentation, but more difficult to perform and keep the framing the same.

Once tissues have stabilized and skin has stopped shrinking, then I suggested to consider surgery. I consider this body sculpture and prefer to use the coarse tool first (weight loss), and then the refinement (plastic surgery), second.

Body Shaping Garments are a great temporizing contouring alternative while trying to love weight.

We also have posted resources how to evaluate someone's claims that their surgery helps before weight loss such as:

How to Evaluate Tummy Tuck Pictures

How to Pick Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Please share your stories. Join in the discussion. Help build tools and resources to look beyond the advertising hype and evaluate claims of technique or skills.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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