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Can you refer me to a doctor in the Southeast that can perform a breast lift without implants procedure like the ones you have listed on your website?   Most of the doctors I have talked to won't do a lift without implants. 

Thank you,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Breast implants can do a better job with upper pole fullness issues. Not using an implant can require extra time, surgeon skills, and techniques to achieve results. Yes, the operation was easier with an implant. However, I just do not like the way they move. Have you seen videos of breast lift problem and surgical solutions from the surgeons you are seeing?

One of the major factors in my preferring a Breast Lift Without Implants, was how tissue moves. A breast should look natural both at rest and while playing sports, activities, and living life. Issues became apparant in a more critical analysis with my Standard Breast Lift Pictures, in particular when flexing the pectoral muscles, lifting arms up overhead, and bending over. The issues of implants becomes even more critical in looking at Breast Lift Videos.  The Standard Male Mastopexy Videos include the bending over view which I used in our office, but have yet to publish on the web for my female patients.

It becomes an issue of finding someone with a passion for this operation and can demonstrate why their results are good or better than others.

While I do have general tools for How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon, I have yet to build the specific module for female breast lift. You could use our How to Pick a Gynecomastia Surgeon and replace the goals with the Breast lift standard pictures and videos as a start.

This forum was designed for those with concerns, to share them and for those with skills to show them and explain why their techniques are better. You are welcome to post pictures, share concerns, and show results if you do have an operation.

Hope this helps,

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