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Hello, can you please help me? It's 3 weeks post op after an otoplasty, and I had a hematoma in my ear, it was drained. But now my ear looks like the picture attached. An outwards bowl. Is this normal? It feels like normal thickness, just the wrong way? 

My plastic surgeon won't return my calls.

Hope you can advise me on if this is normal and if it will go down?

Thank you

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Since retirement, I no longer offer private email or private message discussion. Please post your images here for others to see and share their opinions.

A hematoma is one of many possible Otoplasty Complications that I cautioned my patients about before their operations. Thankfully it was rare in my practice, but something that forced me to have each ear surgery patient come back right after surgery to check for that possibility. Treatment typically had to be quick and varied depending on many factors. There are other possible things that can cause the shape of an ear such as the original problem, what was done, after surgery care, complications, and other factors.

There are other possible issues after otoplasty surgery. The shape of the ear is a complex 3 dimensional structure.

Our Standard Otoplasty Pictures for Ear Documentation are a very good way to document such a contour problem and its progression over time in addition to the earlier photos you took and the pictures of the ear before surgery. The before surgery photos can be important to understand the original problem.

I do not understand how a doctor refuses to return a patient's calls. Can you explain more?

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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