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Hi Doctor,
Just doing some research as I have an appointment pending with my local ENT.
So what happened me was that I was playing football tuesday night in which I received a head on collision which resulted in a nose injury, it only bled went off got treated and then came back on second half but then later when I got home and looked in the mirror I noticed my nose angled/offset to the left, yesterday I went to the minor injurys clinic to have it looked at the Doctor never said if it was broke or not but did refer me to the ENT so now am waiting. I have no pain whatsoever just slight brusing, swelling but breathing is somewhat different so its definately off centered.
So all said what should I expect and do you think fixing this will be straight forward enough as being in and out on the day and will I be priority as am abit self conscious? This will be going through the club insurance.

I am no longer offering treatment for nasal injuries. When I did, I preferred to see my patients immediately after injury to rule out major issues like septal hematoma and Nasal Fracture. Treatment for the hematoma must proceed immediately or the cartilage blood supply can be damaged. Nasal fractures are best managed before the swelling or once swelling has set in, very soon after swelling improves. I found that I could not rely on Emergency Room personnel  evaluations, but that was quite some time ago.

Deformity, bruising, and swelling can be signs of fracture, injury to cartage, or tissues. Options will depend on what is there, best determined by the hands on examination of an experienced surgeon with a passion for nasal deformity and addressing such issues. Nasal Fracture Reduction can be simple or involve quite complex methods depending on the injury.

After my evaluations I found this Swiss Therapy Cool Pack was a great tool in minimizing swelling and increasing comfort for my patients.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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