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Hi Dr Bermant
Im a 35 years old male who have ginaecomastia from the ages of puberty, i always thought to get surgery but i had no confidence in docotrs from eastern europe.
In a few month i will move to New York and i want to go for the removal surgery.
From what i understand you are now retired, thats pity because your before and after pictures of the surgery are the best from what i have seen.
I right this message to you cause maybe you can help me to choose my surgeon. Do you know anyone in NY or in the area who is specialized in ginecomastia surgery, someone in who i can go with 100% trust that i wont regret doing this surgery?
Please, your help and advice will be much apreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.

P.S. I atached couples of pictures of my gino case, im in a process of losing weight too.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I saw many New York Gynecomastia and others from around the world who preferred my techniques. I also saw several patients unhappy after gynecomastia surgery done in New York a few of which I have posted on my site such as Revision Gynecomastia for Patient Unhappy After NY Surgery and Flexing Failure Crater Deformity After Revision by New York Surgeon - Original Gynecomastia Surgery Done in New Jersey.. So, being careful on surgeon selection can be quite important. That brings up the issue of Travel and Gynecomastia Surgery. Why limit a search to NY alone? As you stated, I am not an option, but look why they came to me and project that onto the surgeon you are looking at and see how they compare.

This is what I used to recommend for my patients still in the process of losing weight:

Weight loss before surgery is usually much better than weight loss after surgery. Weight loss is a coarse tool, Plastic Surgery is better reserved for refinement. This is especially true when tissue sagging is a factor.  Why lift sagging tissue, lose more weight, and see that tissue sag again from further deflation? 

Weight loss and surgical sculpture is a series of compromises. What suites any one individual will vary.  Ideal sequence that I recommend my patients:

  • Get to a weight you are comfortable living with.
  • Let the skin adjust as much as it will. It can take from 6 to 18 months for skin equilibration after a gastric bypass and major weight loss.
  • After Massive Weight Loss, Consider Tightening Lower Tissues First. There is little sense to lift the chest and then have a tummy tuck, lower the chest result, requiring a revision chest lift.
  • Then Address the Chest.
  • Use No Surgery Body Shaping Garments as emotional support not to rush the process.

The weight may not be an issue, but the principles are the same. The forum is a place that people can post their original weight, current weight, and goals. With height a BMI Calculation can help categorize the situation. All of my patients had their Body Fat Measured. Weight alone is not enough to understand what has been accomplished.

I no longer look at pictures sent privately. I do share general comments, not specific medical advice, for photos posted here. You are welcome to post such items here for others to better understand your concerns. 2 or 3 images are not sufficient for evaluation of the male chest that may have a loose skin component. That is why I evolved my Standard Pictures to Show Gynecomastia and Loose Skin Issues After Weight Loss. Loose tissues just do not show well standing upright. So both the problem and degree of solution are just not adequately revealed by limited views. I needed accurate assessment of the problem to evaluate patients so that they could have surgery the day after the in office confirming consultation. Such more critical documentation can be valuable for our previous Preliminary Remote Discussion, documenting progress with weight loss, or evaluating surgeon's skills.

You are also welcome to use our tools How To Pick A Gynecomastia Surgeon. Note how the image issue, if loose skin is a component, the skills demonstrated should include that type of problem and solution. Will even my system offer a 100% guarantee good result? No way that is realistic. No doctor can make that type of guarantee. The results seen on my site were typical for my patients. That is why I showed so many so the spectrum of problems and then my skills in sculpting them could be better understood. But, each step in that guide was added to increase the chances for a better result. My hope is that the guides will continue to evolve over time as suggestions are made to improve them.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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