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Dr. Bermant,
Please recommend a doctor who does the lift that you talk about online with minimal scarring that is either in Phoenix or nearby (LA or surrounding states).
Thank you so  much.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

I talk about a Internal Breast Lift that sculpts the deeper tissues for the suspension, not depending on the skin and tries to minimize the surface skin excision site balanced with degree distortion of the surface. But all surgery results in scars, both on the surface, and for each plane of healing tissue. The issue is to minimize them as much as possible, but at least to look critically at factors that scars affect such as how the breast moves since it is more than just a surface scar we are dealing with.

Skin Scars Are A Part of Breast Lift Surgery. The surgeon needs an exit point for the excess skin. The shorter the scar, the less skin removed and the greater the distortion of skin left behind. There are many different types of Short Scar Breast Lifts, options depend on both the problem, skin elasticity, surgeon's skills, and other factors. There are actually different techniques used on my site for different patient problems. Men have other options for their chest lift sculpture. I like my Tumescent Breast Lift under local with sedation, but the injected fluid made for a challenging sculpture.

Scars are not just of the surface, deeper scar affect how tissues move and breasts feel. We do not have any systems I know of to measure the feeling component of scars, but that would be an awesome new tool. Part of scarring is surgeon's technique. How tissues are damaged during the operation, cautery settings, and more factored into the scars. Check out Breast Lift Recovery and see our typical bruising and swelling. Part of what I was trying to do is have less bruising, less swelling, better comfort, and that would give us the best possible scars. Beyond that we encouraged each of our patients to use Scar Care after surgery. The massaging and lubrication, I felt contributed to a better result.

You are welcome to adapt our How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon for the problem of Breast Lift surgery in females. Use our Standard Breast Lift Pictures to evaluate the problem and surgeon's skills. Even more critical for assessing how tissues move are our Standard Breast Lift Videos. Check for the path the patient took from surgery to healing to see a more complete picture of a surgeon's technique.

You are also welcome to post here, share your concerns and see what others say.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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