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Good afternoon,I had surgery on ---, to treat my gyno,my breast gland wAs removed. Everything went well, my question is by having my breast gland remove does it stop me from gaining weight. I weighed 175 at the time of procedure. now I weigh 169,while I Am on extensive weight training program to gain weight. I can't

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Even thought I preferred to target gland first as part of my Dynamic Technique for Gynecomastia, I cautioned each patient that shreds of gland remained behind. It is an issue of understanding the Anatomy of Gynecomastia. Fingers of gland spread through fingers of fat. This relationship makes total gland removal mechanically just about impossible.

Male gynecomastia gland, just like female breast gland does not seem to effect changes in weight. Remaining shreds of gland can regrow with stimulation as discussed in this topic: Gynecomastia Revision Forum - Should Surgery Prevent Recurrence? Growing Again and also here Gynecomastia Revision Surgery.

Remaining fat cells in the chest and around the body are still able to add more fat, unless they all have been removed as in some of the Extended Crater Deformity Defects. Then the scar area crater floor depleted of fat cells, may stay attached, but the walls of surrounding fat cells can increase, deepening the crater effect.

What is your height? What is your Body Mass Index BMI Calculator and do you use Body Fat Analyzers?  Sometimes bodybuilding builds up muscle while fat is reduced. This can be tracked by body fat analyzers.

I do not understand your question. Perhaps you can explain further?

Hope this helps,

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