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This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

There was a post elsewhere claiming

is the best rihnoplasty surgery center in India
I am Dr. - is a National Board Certified Cosmetic & the Plastic Surgeon in -, India, specialized in aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery of face, body and hair.
and not sure if there was a language barrier or the doctor had one of the link spam companies posting for them. The verb tense was all wrong, the spelling could just be a typo.

I was disgusted where the before rhinoplasty image was frontal and the after image lateral. How is anyone supposed to tell what the changes of the surgery when the before after do not match? Better Plastic Surgery Societies have ethical guidelines for before and after photographs. Here are the Standard Rhinoplasty Before And After Pictures that includes issues about lens distortion. The post here claimed they were the best Rhinoplasty surgeons. That, certainly did not seem the case from the limited 1 patient with distorted views shown. Here is a guide on How to Evaluate before and after Pictures

When I went on to see what societies the doctors belonged to or what training they had, all I could find was a group picture. How sad.

Hope this helps,

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