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I just reconstructed another patient, this one from Illinois, who was unhappy with his chest after another surgeon performed gynecomastia surgery. He had VASER liposuction and gland excision. The result was severe residual firm deformity, scarred down adhesion, double bubble defect, and a step off areola scar.

What constantly amazes me is the degree of internal scarring I see from these other doctors' VASER liposuction. Gland, Scar, and connective tissue look white against the yellow of fat. There again were planes of residual gland scar complex in planes unnatural for the normal Anatomy of Gynecomastia. These scars were the source of the firm mass deformity and the adhesion. Removing the scars was difficult and took a great deal of effort.

There are many types of Liposuction available. From ultrasonic, to VASER, to power assisted, to sharp cutting cannula. Exploding the fat cells using laser or ultrasonic may make it easier for a surgeon to complete a case faster, but that destruction can come at a price. When such damage results in firm scars they can disfigure a male chest as bad as firm gland tissue of gynecomastia.

Besides the mass effect, adhesion and sticking of tissues destroy the beauty of mobility. That is why evaluating the results of liposuction with still pictures alone only partly tells the story of the result. In evaluating the results of liposuction and surgical sculpture, check to see how the contour looks from multiple angles. See how the tissue looks when flexing muscles, Look to see how tissues move after surgery.

That is why I evolved first my Standard Pictures to Evaluate the Male Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery. The multiple angles permit viewing the sculpture from different aspects showing fine details of the contour. The flexing muscles views especially demonstrate how mobile the tissue looks. Much more difficult to make, my Standard Gynecomastia Videos show even greater detail of the animation.

For my patients, I want them to look good, not just in a still picture, but living life, playing sports, performing activities without the stress of defect or deformity. That is the real Art of Surgical Sculpture.

I am not sure if the many deformities I have seen from patients around the world after liposuction done elsewhere is a function of the type of tool itself, in this case VASER, the skill of the surgeon, or other factors. However, when my patients heal and no longer have the defect, at least I have ruled out it was not how that patient heals. The worst scars I see are from attempts to remove gland with the liposuction alone, it does not. The increased injury to the remaining tissue tends to be even worse than the case I am describing here.

Someone investigating possible liposuction surgery should be evaluating the quality of the sculpture, the sculpting skills of the surgeon, and other such issues. A better understanding of the results in motion can be a valuable tool in this research.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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