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Hello Dr Bermant,

I've seen through various posts that you have very good knowledge about Gyno. In the last 7 months, I've dropped from 28% body fat to around 12-14% but I still notice my nipples are soft when they are not erect and a little pointy (more  pointing straight than down). When I push on them , I feel nothing inside as if it was just empty behind the nipples until i reach the muscle. But that empty space is what seems to making my nipples point straight, instead of being flat. If i send you pictures from different angles , could you tell me if I have Gyno or not?

Thanks in advance,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Congratulations on the weight loss.

How much weight did you lose?  The Anatomy of Gynecomastia always consists of gland, fat and skin. Weight loss can do great for the fat, but gland remains behind that can be a contour issue. Depending on the amount of weight loss, loose skin can be a factor. That is why for the weight loss individual I evolved my Standard Gynecomastia Pictures To Evaluate Loose Skin for Chest Lift. Bending over views and establishing the nipple location in relationship to the lowermost pectoral muscle are issues to understand during the analysis of just what is causing remaining contour issues or for that matter, just how well as particular technique has worked. This analysis of problem and solution is not just about surgery, but also can be used to see just how well muscle building can help fill a loose skin envelope.

I tried to develop, but never figured a way to document beyond my standard pictures how the loose tissue felt after weight loss, pregnancy, or muscle mass loss. But I do know that a contour can look good but not feel tight or "normal."  I did add other views like flexing chest muscles, arms up overhead, and bending over views to the standard sets many years ago to document this issue. Standard Videos of Male Chest are also great. Some added additional views or demonstrations on the movie or still photos of specific problems. They were great tools, but the in office exam was the final arbitrator for a definitive diagnosis.

You are welcome to join us and post images for general forum discussion. I no longer offer private reviews of photos by email or private message, or consultation. I have set up this forum for those to share their pictures publicly. As you can see from other posts, I try to share my knowledge and experiences here in the forum, but I am not willing to form a "medical opinion" or offer specific "medical advice."

Gynecomastia After Weight Loss contour problems can be mainly fat and gland. Loose Skin After Weight Loss Male Chest comes in different degrees. If too much the nipples hang low. Low Nipples Look Weird on the Male Chest. Loose skin can be an issue of compromise for the male chest. If severe enough, then Male Mastopexy becomes an option.

Hope this helps,

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