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Dear Dr. Bermant,
I had a tummy tuck in 1989, and a lower body lift with upper abdominal lipo. in 2006.  Approximately 8 months after lower body lift, I began experiencing weird sensations about an inch below my bra line, i.e. moving, intermittent, heavy feeling, and a feeling of swelling on the left side.  I have found that by wearing a wide belt for lifting weight or just plain lying down will help to alleviate the extreme discomfort.  The problem seems to be in the area where there is redundancy of skin with a line of irregular fat in it.  In this area you can see where the canule was inserted in 4 different places to suction out some remaining fat post surgical.  That seems to be the area that causes me great discomfort.
I would appreciate any advice that you can give me regarding my situation.
I am 68 years old, excellent health, and I have good nutrition and I exercise regularly.
Thank you.

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Such issues are best discussed with a surgeon who can examine the problem and review what was done. The hands on exam also can be quite revealing as to possible issues.  What type of Liposuction was used? How much fat was suctioned out? Where is the discomfort located, on the front, sides, at the skin liposuction sites? Different doctors put their cannula access in various places. Too many undefined variables in the question.

There are many possible Tummy Tuck Complications that can cause discomfort. Nerve injury is part of any surgery and can cause diminished sensations, hypersensitivity, and discomfort. Nerves can be pinched by scar tissue or just irritated by the new locations they have been redirected towards in moving tissue from one place to another.

Irritations can also be from tissue transition zones. After Weight Loss loose tissues is a global problem. Residual folds of excess tissue can remain  a source of irritation themselves. Body Lift Surgery has different transition zones than tummy tuck alone.

Transition Zone Liposuction is a common tool to refine the shape. More aggressive liposuction can have a higher risk in nerve injury. That is why I never used some forms like Ultrasonic, Vaser, and other destructive methods. Some also used their liposuction in more global fashion to go after more fat.

Hernia and defects in structural repair can also be a form of discomfort. Even a nerve passing through deeper fascia can be a source of discomfort.

Stabilizing sensitive tissues is one way to decrease discomfort. Supports have also been used for hernias. For my after surgery patients, I used After Tummy Tuck Garments to stabilize tissues for comfort. The First Stage Tummy Tuck Garment had easier access with the zippers and the Second Stage Tummy Tuck Garment. There are so many different types with different degrees of support, ease of access, and degrees of coverage.

I never had any of my patients complain to me long term discomfort. Why not post some pictures of the problem using my Standard Tummy Tuck Pictures and show where the discomfort is? Have you been back to the original surgeon? What were his/her thoughts? It has been years since the surgery, what has been done so far? It is also possible pain and discomfort are not related to the surgery.

Retired, I will not be offering specific advice, but this forum was designed to put those with questions together with those who have a passion to answer them.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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