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Hello Dr. Bermant,

I hope that retirement is treating you well, you deserve it.  The surgery you performed has been a huge success, thank you!  When you performed the surgery you had referred me to an endocrinologist specialist to discuss my undiagnosed condition.  At the time I was unable to afford the consultation from the specialist.  I am in a better spot financially and would like know if you could provide the contact information of the specialist.

Thank you,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Thank you for your kind words about my surgical sculpture.

I worked with many Endocrinologists over the years to set up a better way to manage the problems of who should be seen by them before surgery. The goal was to minimize issues of Recurrence: Gynecomastia Revision Forum - Should Surgery Prevent Recurrence? Growing Again. We were concerned about unnecessary money being spent on stable situations. At the same time we wanted to lower the chance of recurrence since surgery does not stop breast growth. I was seeing too many failures and regrowth of breasts by patients with unstable gynecomastia operated by other surgeons. At the same time Endocrinology issues tend to be transient. The problems causing breast growth come and go, and once no longer present, discovering what might have been the cause typically an exercise in futility. This methodology of who should be sent to have evaluations evolved into my Gynecomastia Red Flag System. This method was received well during my invited Gynecomastia lecture at the American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists 2008 national meeting.

Gynecomastia Tests. Such testing becomes critical for unstable gynecomastia or someone with Gynecomastia Symptoms such as current tenderness, breast growth, and or nipple discharge. Other gynecomastia testing, such as a Male Mammogram, I ordered when my clinical hands on examination finds something that I did not understand.

I advised my patients, Beyond the Red Flags, the Endocrinology Exam was always optional. However, the yield of an asymptomatic individual of discovering past problems is low, unless there is still something going on not yet recognized. But for that matter then, why not just have every male have an Endocrinology evaluation? Not practical, that is why we came up with the Red Flag method.

I am no longer offering medical advice, but the same system set up for documentation is a great way to check if there are breast growth problems. Tracking contours with Standard Pictures for Revision Gynecomastia Surgery is the most critical of the photo based method looking for finesse issues about scars and tissue movements. The Male Nipple Exam adds measurements and numbers to contour anatomic elements such as nipple projection and areola diameter.

We are glad to have been of service and have emailed your requested part of your records. You are welcome to join our Discussion Group and share more about your experiences. Check out the tools I have built for others to learn. See if there are any contributions to make to pass on to others.

Again thank you for the follow up.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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