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Standard Weight Loss Pictures, Losing Weight Photos, and Training Photographs Programs Critical Concepts and Evolving Ideas

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Using Before and After Pictures need not be just for Plastic Surgery. Critical documentation should also be useful to document After Weight Loss, bodybuilding, After Pregnancy Changes and other such contour concerns. There are global and localized problems. The question becomes how focused the individual desires to pursue this documentation. One or two pictures alone just are not enough. I would suggest considering monitoring the entire body viewing all the way around and then assess how skin hangs and or bounces. The minimum should be at least body and breast or chest series:

Our Standard Stomach and Lower Body Pictures and Standard Breast Pictures or Standard Chest Pictures are among the resources for documenting progress of the contours and hanging tissues. Our standard videos are even better at this documentation, but more difficult to perform and keep the framing the same. Other series could be added to show loose skin about arm and neck.

Each Standard Picture Series has details on how to take the pictures, views, and reasons why. But considering before and after weight loss with just a front view standing? How does that show how much loose skin is hanging down the stomach or thigh, breast or back? If you went to buy a used car and the dealer refused to let you walk around to see the smashed up rear, would you assume the car was fine? That is how these views evolved. The question becomes are there other ballet of moves or motions that better demonstrate issues not shown here? How can these views be improved or changed? Then we need to look at other factors like date time, and factors involved.

Beyond contours and loose tissues there should be hard data. When I was still in practice, my recommendation was for patients get to a weight they were happy with before considering surgery. This means considering the Body Mass Index  and Body Fat Analysis. The new smart scales we have added can be great motivators tracking body fat and weight progress: Discussion Wi-Fi Scales and Body Fat Analyzers

Our Body Fat Analyzer Scale Store compares tools available.

Fitbit FB201W Aria Wi-fi Smart Scale it is quite a bit lower in cost than the

Withings Wifi Body Scale

There is a more expensive option:

Tanita BC-1000WH Ant+ Wireless Body Composition Bundle with Remote Display.

I like the connectivity and data collection power of a wi-fi connected measurement tool for someone working on weight loss, bodybuilding, working out or any other system for body change. The concept of a more comprehensive proof for method working is important. Having the scale analyzer connected to your phone, computer, ipad or other device is great. There are some apps out there but they do not do well with the image aspect on my review to date.  Perhaps linking to the exercise monitoring applications, dieting applications. Now we are talking about a more comprehensive system. Some of these are already combined. If an author wants to work with us about better standardized before and after picture taking, we are eager to consider such projects.

Body Shaping Garments are a great temporizing contouring alternative while trying to love weight.

So we need a nice way to organize the progress. But this needs to begin with what views to take. Who wants to join in this evolution of design? Come share your thoughts and ideas.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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Retired Plastic Surgeon
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