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So the problem is that´╗┐ they took out to much fat out of the chest? And know the individual cant generate muscle?

Question about Extended Crater Deformity After Failed Revision Surgery

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The problem is only what you see: a chest that does not look good when flexing muscles, moving, raising arms up overhead: issues that a still photo hides. Building muscle is not an issue as long as the individual is not bothered by disfiguring scars. But when emotional issues keep us from enjoying our contour at the gym, well then that can be a problem.

Fat provides a layer of lubrication for the skin to glide over the underlying muscle. Scar the skin to the muscle, in my opinion that is just not a solution I preferred. That is why I developed my Fat Flap to move nearby fat into the hole created by the first surgeon's Crater Defect. But once the revision surgeon removed the resources, that was no longer an option.

So the problem is what is the goal of surgery? To look good on a few pictures with arms at side? Or is surgery sculpture for the living moving body that should also look good on animation, movement, and living life.

Hope this helps,

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