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Re: Laparoscopy scar removal?

I saw your posts regarding tummy tucks on -. I have a question that's not related to tummy tucks but scar removal. I have been searching for an answer to my question on google and unfortunately I can not find any advice.

I had laparoscopic surgery a few months ago and the scar below the belly button started to dimple. My surgeon said it might not clear up fully. It makes it look like there is a second belly button. Also the 'knotty tissue' that belongs to the real belly button has shifted downwards (normally its in the middle, now it is below the belly button) which feels uncomfortable.
I was wondering if it is possible to fix it up by removing the scar and fixing the shape of the belly button.

Thanks for your advice,

This should not be construed as medical advice. I am a retired Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The belly button is the natural tether point of attachment of the abdominal skin as can be seen on Belly Button Anatomy and Sagging Skin. Surgical scars can change the original points of attachment. The attachments can be complex in nature, especially as you look at the dancing body in motion.

Scars cannot be be removed, but only replaced or revised. Each problem is unique forcing a specific solution. You can see some of the skills needed in managing this problem by going through the entire Anatomy of Stomach during Tummy Tuck Surgery. There are several sections dealing with the defining the stalk, repairing the wall defect: loose tissues for Tummy Tuck and defect in fascia for hernia essentially a very limited version of what the more extensive abdominoplasty achieves. The surgeon needs access, perform the repair of deeper structures, and then repair the entry way in as hidden a fashion as possible.

When I was analyzing such problems on patients of other surgeons asking for my help, the question became what was the original problem, what was done, what was used for the repair, what sort of After Surgery Scar Care and what sort of protecting remodeling of tissue done as in Compression Garments for Tummy Tuck and Belly Button Surgery a second stage garment like Second Stage Girdle No Zipper used? I pushed the envelope for each of my patients to achieve my results. There were a number of compression girdles used options depended on what I was trying to achieve for both the initial healing and then the scar remolding phase.

Some problems go away, I preferred prevention. But when I was designing such options for a patient, having better details and history may my job easier vs guessing in the dark.

Our Standard Belly Button Pictures or Tummy Tuck Videos are methods to let others better understand your concerns. They also can be used to monitor progress or lack thereof. These were the tools I used to monitor my results or evaluate problems for potential treatment for patients coming to see me from far away.

Belly Button Revision Surgery comes in many different forms and sometimes requires extensive Tummy Tuck Revison to achieve the goal. This can range from simple to very demanding surgery and often best deferred to someone who has demonstrated experience with this problem when not correcting on its own.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
Retired Plastic Surgeon
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